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Many clients and tow truck reviews complain about being taken advantage of from fly by night towing operators. Calgary Tow Trucks provide fair and honest pricing so you’ll have one less thing to worry about when transporting your vehicle from the scene of a car accident.  Our goal is to make your accident recovery as easy as possible.  

What Happens When We Arrive On The Scene Of An Accident?

We know that this is a stressful time for any Calgary driver and try to be patient and understanding.  When Calgary Towing arrives we assess the conditions of the scene.  Our goal is to safely load your vehicle for transportation, prevent any further collisions using safety cones, and flares and remove debris from the roadway.  

Fast Arrival Time

Safely Transport Your Vehicle

Help filing police reports

Tow to the garage of your choosing

Insurance billing available

Most Customers Have Never Been In an Accident

Many Calgary Towing customers have never been in an accident and are unsure about the correct procedures.  Our team of drivers do this all the time and can help guide you through this experience.  From calling your insurance company to reporting the accident at the local police station our drivers help accident victims in Calgary make good decisions and take the proper steps to put this in your rearview mirror.

Insurance Billing Available

Let us handle all the invoices and send the bill directly to your insurance company.  Insurance companies in Alberta have pre-negotiated rates for vehicle towing, storage and taking drivers to collision reporting centres.  Billing your insurance company is the best way to protect yourself in the event of an accident because simply put, they won’t pay predatory prices of less reputable towing companies. 

If you find yourself in a car accident choose a company that looks out for your best interest. Choose Calgary Towing and call (587) 885-2326

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