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Need your car towed from a parking garage?

Give us a call if you are in a parking garage and we can check if our truck can clear it.  Using a wheel lift wrecker it is the height of most regular pick up trucks and can get into most parking garages in Calgary.  Know the garage clearance in advance will lead to faster service. 

Underground Parking Tow Truck

Our wrecker can squeeze into most garages over 6′ 2″.  Our trucks are suitable for maneuvering inside and getting your car out with no damage.  In the event we cannot fit winching your car to a better position is an option and trying to get it started or driving is another. 

Can often clear 10 ft and lower

Winching vehicle from garage is optional

Mobile battery boosts to get car started

Changing tires inside garages

Relax Towing Calgary will get you out!

Removing Cars From Parking Lots

Removing cars from low clearance areas is not an easy task.  If you are in Calgary and find yourself in this situation then call us.  Out light duty wheel-lift tow trucks are the right tool for this recovery.  A tool is slid under your vehicle and it lifts the wheels off the ground and doesn’t require a lot of space to move the vehicle. 

Local Calgary Towing

Tire dollies are like roller skates for your car.  If you are in a really tight spot we can use this tool to position your car to winch / pull it out or worst case scenario push it out.  No recovery is the same and sometimes being creative is required – but we always got the job done and done safe.

If you find yourself in a tight spot then Choose Calgary Towing and call (587) 885-2326

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