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We Change Flat Tires

Let out friendly and professional tow truck operators change your flat tire for you.  Changing your own tire on the side of the road can put you and your family at risk.  Choosing Calgary Towing means you get a trained pro with the proper safety gear and equipment to get your car back on the road. 

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

Our tow truck driver will help remove the old lug nuts and take off your car wheel.  Let us know if you don’t have a spare tire so we can plan to tow your vehicle to a local garage. If you don’t know where to look we can help you find it over the phone. 

Fast arrival times so you won't wait too long

Will remove flat tire and replace it with your spare

Industrial car jack to lift car off the ground

Wait in your car while we work on changing your tire.

FREE Quotes over the phone.

24 Hour Calgary Tire Changing.

If you have a flat tire pull over to the side of the road immediately. Driving on a damaged tire can cause damage to your axel, wheel and suspension. Make sure to turn on your hazard lights to let other motorists know to avoid you.  Driving with a flat tire reduces the control you have over your vehicle and considered to be very dangerous.  Have us come out and inspect your flat, low air pressure and damaged tires.  Our dispatch times are usually very fast and can get your tire changed in under 15 minutes.  Call  Calgary Towing at (587) 885-2326

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About Us connects drivers with towing services from AAA Towing. They provide a wide range of tow trucks for car battery boosts and lockouts to heavy towing, breakdowns, and accident recovery.  If you need a simple roadside service or a more complicated rescue then we are here to help. 24 Hour local towing services provided by the best towing companies in Calgary. Fast, affordable and friendly tow truck use when your vehicle is stuck on the side of the road.

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