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Why You Need A Flatbed Tow Truck

Flatbed tow trucks are the vehicle to use when

  • the car being towed needs to be completely off the ground
  • When the car is disabled and cannot drive

When it comes to towing vehicles, using a flatbed is the safest and most versatile method there is in Calgary.  When choosing us you are assured that you will get professional service with a tow truck is capable of hauling the weight and size of your vehicle.  

How To Load A Flatbed Tow Truck

Our flatbed operator will pull in front of the vehicle being towed. The flatbed deck is tilted and lowered to the ground so the disabled vehicle can be pulled onto its back. Using a hydraulic winching cable the car is pulled onto the flatbed surface. Most cars have a spot to connect a cable to there is no damage to the vehicle.  Putting your car in neutral means it will roll onto the flatbed. The tow truck operator puts your car in park and fastens it down using straps and hooks. 

Tow your vehicle completely off the ground

Tow cars that are undrivable

Accident & Collision recovery

Versatile and can tow many different vehicles

Worry free with your car safely off the road

Can A locked vehicle be towed with a flatbed in Calgary?

Avoid transmission damage for all-wheel-drive vehicles by using a flatbed tow truck.  Plus, our operators can tow vehicles that are locked, in park or have brakes applied.  We use “skates” which are put under the vehicle so it can move around while locked.

To inquire about a flatbed towing service call Calgary Towing at (587) 885-2326 we offer free quotes over the phone.

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